Retirement? It's really about re-alignment. And it can be a wonderful adventure.

Most of us moving into our sixties are thinking about upcoming life transitions. We may already be making major changes in our lives. We may be wondering: What will life without work be for ourselves or our partner? What will it feel like to become a grandparent? What new surprises do our bodies have in store for us?

In the old days we'd call this period in our lives "retirement." But sixty isn't old anymore, and most boomers say they have no interest in retiring. Retirement just doesn't seem to fit anymore. In my book "The Power of Positive Aging," I suggest the word "re-alignment" is a better description of this time of change.

Re-alignment brings to mind the notion of a kind of re-positioning, a shifting. It captures the sense of movement that's so much a part of this time-moving away from one thing and toward something new.

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Taking the plunge to something new

Re-alignment not only heralds the new, it helps us see what has gone before, asking us to look at what we have previously been aligned with in order to make conscious our steps in a new direction. Just having made it into our sixties tells us we have a good storehouse of life experience to draw from. Re-alignment asks us to use our mature thinking to assess where we are and rely on our accrued life skills to take the plunge into something new. What will it feel like to shed the everyday pressure of work? How will we use our increased control over our time? What will life be like with a new monetary lifestyle? Will it seem like a creative challenge or deprivation?

I hope you'll find resources here to stimulate your thinking about re-alignment, and I look forward to building a community here for those excited about the possibilities of the re-alignment time of life.

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